Crying toddler removed from London-bound flight "like a terrorist"

Family kicked off flight in Tel Aviv after child became agitated following one-hour delay

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A family from London were removed from a Luton-bound flight in Tel Aviv after their crying toddler became agitated.

Ariella and Mark Aziz were flying home after celebrating Passover in Israel and were told by Transavia cabin crew to move their 19-month-old daughter Sarina from her allocated seat onto one of their laps.

According to Jewish News, when Sarina became agitated her parents struggled to keep her in the infant's connector belt.

The flight, which was already delayed by an hour, was returned to Ben-Gurion Airport just before take-off.

Speaking to Jewish News, Ariella said: "Everyone could see we were trying to calm Sarina down, but we couldn't do anything.

"She was screaming, flailing around, hitting her head and injuring herself. She got herself so worked up she was sick. The stewards were so aggressive, they weren't helping at all."

Police officers boarded the plane and removed the family.

"It was like a terrorist incident, I couldn't believe it," said Ariella.

A spokesman for Transavia told MailOnline: "It is very important that flight safety instructions are followed by all our passengers. It was unfortunate that the child was ill, but even then the flight safety rules must be followed."

According to MailOnline, Mr Aziz insists his daughter was not ill but was sick after she was moved.

The family were left stranded in Tel Aviv with no accommodation due to the holiday weekend.

Earlier this year, a family was removed from a Cathay Pacific flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong after their toddler refused to put on his seatbelt.

Flight CX654 was delayed as the three-year-old boy refused the safety measure and caused a heated argument between his parents and cabin crew.

After flight attendants asked the family to follow safety instructions, the family argued that the boy should sit on his mother's lap instead.

The family held up the flight for around 30 minutes before they were forced to leave the plane.

Airport security gone mad?

Airport security gone mad?

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