Guess where the happiest country in the world is...

Clue: It's home to fine timepieces, four different languages and yodelling...

Guess where the happiest country in the world is

Switzerland has been revealed as the world's happiest country in a new study.

The World Happiness Report was released by the UN's Sustainable Development Solutions Network who ranked as many as 158 countries in the world.

The research was based on Gallup World Polls between 2012 and 2015, the BBC reveals.

Europe dominated the top five with Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark and Norway making their way in, closely followed by Canada.

But it was the people of Switzerland, the home of fine timepieces, four languages and yodelling, that were deemed to be happiest of all.

According to CNN, people living in the world's happiest countries can expect longer life expectancies, better social support, more freedom, lower corruption levels and higher GDP per capita.

The study also revealed the world's least happy countries with Togo topping the list, closely followed by Burundi, Syria, Benin and Rwanda.

The report stated: "Increasingly happiness is considered a proper measure of social progress and goal of public policy,"

Adding: "A rapidly increasing number of national and local governments are using happiness data and research in their search for policies that could enable people to live better lives".

The report also aims to highlight the issue of people's happiness and urges governments to measure the happiness of their people and work in improving it.

To see the complete top ten of the world's happiest places, take a look at our slideshow below.

World's happiest countries 2012

World's happiest countries 2012

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