Plane diverts after 'King Kong' turbulence leaves two in hospital

Flight from Paris to Newark diverted to Boston in bad weather

delta air lines plane emergency landing in Boston after severe king kong turbulence

A Delta Air Lines flight from Paris to Newark was forced to make a diversion to Boston after hitting turbulence that felt like "King Kong had picked up the plane."

Flight 271 encountered severe turbulence over Long Island, and tried to land at its destination of Newark, but was unable to.

The pilot then went to JFK but bad weather meant he could not land the plane there either.

The flight then headed for Boston's Logan International Airport.

An airport spokeswoman said two people were taken to Massachusetts General Hospital with minor injuries.

Speaking to, one passenger, Stuart Page, said of the turbulence: "You could feel it like King Kong picked up the plane and shook it like there was no tomorrow."

According to the Mirror, another passenger, Jessica Garcia, told NBC New York: "We kept going up, going down and dropping down - they kept trying to get us to land and it was very turbulent while they were doing all of that."

And another said: "All I can tell you is that I was holding on to my bible... And, well, thank God we're alive."

One passenger said it was the "roughest" flight he'd experienced in 25 years.

The airline said a small number of passengers complained of nausea, and were checked by medics on the ground.

The flight left Boston just after 6pm to resume its journey to Newark.

15 flights from hell

15 flights from hell

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