Eerie 'earthflow' crushes trees and topples pylons into road (video)

Weird natural phenomenon caught on camera in Russia


A brave YouTuber captured the moment an 'earthflow' creeped through a road, crushing trees and bringing down pylons into the path of cars.

The strange phenomenon was filmed in the Kemerovo Region of Russia by Alexander Giniyatullin earlier this month and shows snow-covered soil sliding down the bank at the side of the road.

It was posted on the American Geophysical Union's blog which attracted comments, with one user writing: "The landslide looks like it may have come from a large coal mine area."

Very little is known about the incident but according to the Sydney Morning Herald, it happened between Novokuznetsk and Bolshaya Talda, about 1500km east of the Urals in central Russia on 1 April 2015.

An earthflow is a type of landslide which moves down a slope and is often triggered by heavy rainfall.

The Daily Mail reports that San Diego State University experts say earthflow speeds can range from 0.11 to 12.4 mph. Earthflows can affect a few metres of land or several hectares.

It is not the only strange phenomenon to be captured in Russia. In 2013, Russian landscape photographer Alex El Barto Trofimov travelled almost 400 miles south from his home in the heart of Siberia to shoot pictures of stunning ice hummocks.

And in 2011, a tourist captured a rare cloud formation settling over the volcano at Klyuchevskaya Sopka.

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