Chip shop owner leaves hilarious holiday notice in window

Is this the world's most honest shop notice?

Chip shop owner leaves hilarious holiday notice in window

We've never seen a 'closed' sign quite like this.

One local, Twitter user PlattsiePlatts, noticed her town chip shop was closed, and spotted the rather long notice in the window explaining why. She tweeted the hilarious sign, and we spotted it at the Metro.

It read: "This shop will be closed for 1 week. Re-open on Mon 16th March.

"This year my wife has decided to take us all youth hostelling, I told her at her age she would be better off with Saga.

"We are taking two of our children. 1 Daughter in law, plus 1 grandson. No internet, mobile phones, playstations etc.

"Personally I think we will all be bored to tears. She who must be obeyed says we will have a great time telling tales round the campfire etc.

"I would rather be here with beer and TV."

Twitter users also found the notice rather amusing, with one writing: "Love that he's committed enough to find a new pen three quarters of the way through."

Another said: "Lol they only wanted some chips... not a transcribed episode of Jeremy kyle :) x."

And one user wasn't' happy with the grammar, writing: "The 'ect's are killing me! It's up there with 'expresso'! ;)."

One user took pity on his family, laughing: "What a misery guts. His poor wife and family, to be stuck with him moaning for a week..."

Silly signposts spotted by travellers

Silly signposts spotted by travellers

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