Mum drops toddler into cheetah enclosure at zoo

Picture of mum being charged with child endangering emerges


 Mum drops toddler into cheetah enclosure at zoo

A mum who accidentally dropped her two-year-old son into a zoo's cheetah enclosure is a childcare boss, according to reports.

Michelle Schwab has been charged with child endangering following the incident, and could face up to six months in jail.

She visited the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on Saturday, and at around 3pm she was allegedly seen holding her son over the cheetah pit when he slipped, falling 10ft into the enclosure.

Schwab and her husband quickly jumped over the railings and into the pit to rescue their son, and he escaped with scratches. Luckily, according to the Independent, the cheetahs ignored the boy.

Mom Charged Over Incident With Son at Cheetah Exhibit

According to the Daily Record, Dr Christopher Kuhar, executive director of the zoo, said: "Cleveland Metroparks Zoo continues to place the safety of our visitors, employees, animals and volunteers as our top priority.

"Child endangering charges have been filed with Cleveland Municipal Court in the incident from Saturday, April 11 when a two year old was dropped into the cheetah exhibit.

"The investigation is ongoing."

Schwab's employers have also launched their own investigation to determine if she is fit to continue in her role as assistant director at the Sawmill Road KinderCare in Columbus, Ohio.

According to the Mirror, spokeswoman Colleen Moran said she "will remain out of the centre while this issue is investigated and addressed."

Schwab is due in Cleveland Municipal Court on 22 April.

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