Slush pool skiing: The latest wintersport?

A new winter sport has hit the ski slopes of Canada


Skiers and Snowboarders Skim Over Pool

Skiers and snowboarders in British Colombia in Canada have found a new way to entertain themselves on the slopes.

A slush pool has been set up at the bottom of a ski slope to lure people down. The idea is that you skim across the water and land safely the other side, although not many people manage to get that far, as this video shows.

Judges then base scores on how successful each contestant is, how well they get across the pool and the creativeness of their costumes.

Does this look like fun to you? We're not convinced that immersing yourself in freezing green sludgy water is the best way of passing the time, but apparently it's become a bit of a craze over the pond. Tell us what you think below.

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