Adorable baby foxes rescued after being dumped in car park

Box of fox cubs found next to bin

Adorable baby foxes rescued after being dumped in car park

A box of baby foxes have been saved after being abandoned next to bins in a US car park.

The newborn cubs were found by a local woman who noticed a cardboard box sitting next to a clothing donation bin.

The cubs, estimated to be 10 days old, were transported to the Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Educational Centre in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

Cute Fox Cubs Rescued By Wildlife Charity

Katherine Uhler, director of the centre, told Barcroft Media: "They came in at about 6 ounces each.

"There are five males, also known as dogs, and two girls known as vixens.

"We know they're red foxes because even though they're not red yet, they still have this little white tail."

Katherine and a group of volunteers a the centre are caring for the foxes, who came in healthy but dehydrated.

Adorable baby foxes rescued after being dumped in car park

Katherine said: "We had to give them rabies vaccinations and feed them fox milk.

"We gave them Pedialyte fluids first then mixed a quart of Fox Valley formula which is designed specifically for baby wild foxes.

"We bottle feed them until they are a little bigger, then they'll start feeding out of the bowl.

"When they're finished feeding out of the bowl then we'll start feeding them what they eat in the wild which is meat, and some vegetables and fruits."

It is costing the centre more than one thousand dollars to care for the foxes, who will be released back to the wild in July.

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