Air Canada plane forced to divert after 87-year-old woman causes disturbance

Flight ACA-877 was travelling from Frankfurt to Toronto when it landed at Shannon Airport, Ireland

Boeing 767 operated by Air Canada climbing out after taking off from London Heathrow Airport

A disturbance caused by an 87-year-old women resulted in an Air Canada flight being forced to divert to Ireland.

The woman was reportedly travelling in the First Class section of theplane when she had to be restrained by cabin crew.

Flight ACA-877 was supposed to fly from Frankfurt to Toronto but had to land at Shannon Airport in Ireland so the passenger could be taken off the plane, the Mirror reports.

The disturbance caused by the woman was reported to the pilot by the flight crew on board and the Irish Aviation Authority was subsequently contacted, the Daily Mail reports.

When the plane reached the airport at 8.15pm local time, it was met by airport police officers and gardai.

The pensioner was arrested by security personnel and taken in for questioning.

Irish police have since revealed that the elderly woman was released without charge.

Due to the unexpected nature of the landing the aeroplane was also forced to dump fuel before their descent over the Atlantic.

The crew are also thought to have reported an issue with the fuel process which was later corrected.

The news comes just two weeks after a different Air Canada plane missed the runway at Halifax airport, resulting in 25 of the passengers being taken to hospital.

Mid-air meltdowns

Mid-air meltdowns

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