Alligator attacks 100lb dog as owner launches fishing boat

Man was preparing boat for fishing trip with pet dog in Alabama


An alligator has reportedly eaten a man's 100lb pet dog as he prepared a boat for a fishing trip in Alabama, USA.

Chris Wilson's brother took his dog Mavis to Arlington Park last weekend and was launching the boat when the alligator attacked.

Wildlife officials are searching for the alligator. Terrified onlookers watched on as Mavis was snatched.

Witness Jayme Corry told WWLP: "It definitely makes me scared."

According to Valley News Live, locals fear the alligator could attack other pets or small children.

Speaking to Valley News Live, Mobile resident Lynette McCovery who brings her grandchildren to the spot where Mavis was attacked said: "I'm glad you told me because that's dangerous."

Last week, tourists were left horrified after spotting a crocodile swimming around with a dead pet dog in its jaws in Mexico.

The crocodile was seen calmly swimming around the Puerto Vallarta marina carrying its catch in its mouth - a lifeless black dog with a red collar. The video was first posted on the Bogged Facebook page.

Time Weston, from New Zealand, was on holiday with his wife in Puerto Vallarta when the attack happened.

He said he believed the dog belonged to a local bike shop owner, and that the crocodile swam around with it in its mouth for hours.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mr Weston said: "There's a sanctuary for these crocodiles up the river (200m away) which runs out to the sea and the marina.

"The dog went to the water's edge to see the crocodile (being curious I guess) but things didn't go according to plan obviously.

World's deadliest animals

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