Video: Lightning strikes catch storm watchers off guard

What happens when you get too close to a storm?

Lightning Strikes Catch Storm Watchers Off Guard

This striking video compilation shows a number of keen storm watchers experiencing terrifyingly close calls with lightning bolts.

In the first clip you can see a car travelling down the road, completely unaware that the bolt is about to hit.

The lightning strikes down beside the road, thankfully managing to avoid any of the other cars travelling on the road, although no doubt giving them quite a shock.

One brave man seems to be standing in his doorway filming the torrential rain as the bolt appears to hit just a few metres away from his feet.

A typical lightning bolt is thought to move as fast as 224,000 mph and is the result of an electrostatic discharge during an electrical storm.

The expansion and heating of the air that takes place as the lightning strikes generates the thunder clap that can be heard.

Most bizarre lightning stories

Most bizarre lightning stories

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