Meet the dog who runs a shop in Japan

Shiba is a real hit with the tobacco store customers

Canine Shopkeeper in Japan Becomes International Sensation

A small tobacco store on the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan is an unlikely tourist hotspot thanks to it's rather unusual furry shopkeeper.

Shiba, the seven-year-old cucumber loving dog is prompt and friendly and a real hit with the customers.

The dog's 72-year-old owner used to open the window to greet the customers herself and says: "I think he learned it naturally by watching me."

Videos of the canine shop assistant hit the internet last summer, quickly making him a global sensation.

Visitors now come from all over the world to see the unique tobacco shop.

One visitor from Taiwan said: "I'm very happy that we petted him today and that he came out to greet us."

Carrie Furlong, a tourist from the UK, said: "I'd have sat on that plane for 20 hours if I had to and I would have come here just to see the culture and everything, but I wanted to see him."

Shiba doesn't just serve customers, he also asks for donations for other less fortunate dogs.

Britain for dog-lovers

Britain for dog-lovers

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