Woman eaten by wolf 50 metres away from her house

Half-eaten remains of pensioner found by neighbour


Woman eaten by wolf in Russia

A 77-year-old woman has been eaten by a wolf after collapsing just 50 metres away from her home.

It is believed Lima Ankudinova may have suffered a heart attack as she walked back to her house in Russia.

A neighbour found her half-eaten remains in a pool of blood.

According to the Mirror, Fedot Nekrasov, 68, said: "I had gone out in the morning as I do everyday for a brisk walk when I came across her body.

"One of her legs had been entirely eaten and so had half of the other one.

"Also the top of her head was missing. It was a grim sight alright."

An autopsy revealed that the woman had probably died before being eaten by the wolf.

A local shop owner said that the people in the community, especially children, could now be "easy targets" as the wolf now has a taste for human blood.

According to fsnewsen.com, a police spokesman said: "We have spoken to the relevant local authorities who have agreed that we should take action.

"We have therefore deployed armed officers and hunters to find the wolf and destroy it."

World's deadliest animals

World's deadliest animals

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