Trapped cat rescued from Cairo train station wall after five years

Cat survived on scraps of food from local shop owner

Trapped cat rescued from Cairo train station wall after five years

A cat that got stuck behind a wall at a Cairo train station has finally been rescued after five years.

The moggy cot stuck as a kitten when it squeezed through a crack in the brickwork to escape larger cats.

A picture of its tail poking through a hole posted onto Facebook finally sparked the rescue.

According to the Independent, beneath the picture it said that any attempt to break the wall to free the animal would be considered as damage to public property by the authorities.

It was not until animal activists travelled to the station on 12 March to demand that the cat should freed and a report was filed at the Abdeen police station that action could take place.

Over the weekend, a five-hour long operation to free the cat took place by animal rights activists and maintenance workers at the Mohamed Naguib metro station in Cairo.

The cat, called Biso, was kept alive by a local man, known as Uncle Abdo, who fed it scraps every day.

Aldo said workers had tried to rescue the cat years ago but could not retrieve it from behind the wall.

He even visited regularly during the 2011 revolution when the city was in chaos.

Animal activists demanded they be allowed to take part of the wall down to rescue the cat, and a worker stepped inside to bring him out.

But, according to the Daily Mail, sadly Biso ran away before anyone could catch him.

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