Lightning strikes two planes landing at Seattle airport (video)

Two planes over Seattle hit by lightning

Lightning strikes two planes landing at same airport (video)

Two planes can be seen being struck by lightning as they fly into Seattle Tacoma International Airport in a video shot by a student.

Graphic design student Oewn Craft went out in the storm to see if he could catch some good film.

He told ABC News: "It was crazy. I'd been outside for about 15 minutes, and I hadn't seen anything, but I thought something could happen. And then suddenly, right as a plane went overhead, it got struck."

He said soon after another plane got hit, adding: "I've never seen anything like it before."

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One of the planes was an Alaska Air Flight 515 inbound from Orange County while another was Alaska Air Flight 731 that was coming into Seattle from Houston.

Passenger Kim Dodge was on the latter when the bolt hit.

Speaking to Komo News, she said: "I was looking out the window when I saw this bright flash and this streak of lightning hit the top-middle of the right wing near the engine.

"I think it hit the wing because there was an immediate loud crack and the cabin was bright for that brief second.

"There was this loud gasp in the cabin after it happened. The people behind me were starting to worry if it was going to affect the landing. It didn't."

"We landed safely. It was startling."

While it's probably a frightening experience for passengers, planes being struck by lightning is not an uncommon experience.

Sea-Tac Airport public relations manager Perry Cooper told ABC News: "Airplanes themselves are prepared for this kind of stuff and have the mechanics to manage lightning strikes.

"We did not receive any reports of precautionary landing alerts from any pilots Wednesday night either."

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