Passersby lift car off cyclist trapped underneath (video)

Bystanders lift car off woman knocked off bike and dragged underneath

Female cyclist rescued from underneath car (video)

The moment a group of passersby joined together to rescue a cyclist trapped underneath a car has been caught on camera.

The woman was riding her bike when she was knocked over by a car in the city of Yuxi in China.

CCTV captured the moment the woman was hit by the car, who failed to see her as she was pulling onto a busy road.

According to, the driver panicked and put her food down on the accelerator instead of the brake, meaning the woman endured a particularly painful-looking incident.

The driver gets out of her car to try and help the woman, and as others see her struggling, she is joined by a host of other people trying to help.

The Independent reports that it eventually took around 20 people to move the one-tonne car off the woman.

According to the Evening Standard, the woman was immediately taken to hospital, where she is receiving treatment, but is not thought to be suffering with life-threatening injuries.

The incident comes just weeks after another incident in China saw a group of people joined together to rescue a man trapped under a bus.

Around 20 people, including passengers from the bus and passersby, grouped together to lift the bus off the man after he became trapped under the vehicle following an accident.

Chang Suibin was knocked over by the bus in China's Henan province, and suffered a fractured pelvis.

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