Leading violinist arrested for 'choking tourist' in naked hotel rampage

Stefan Arzberger went on naked rampage in New York's Hudson Hotel

Leading violinist arrested for 'choking tourist' in naked hotel rampage

A world-renowned German violinist has been arrested after reportedly going on a naked rampage and choking a female tourist at the Hudson Hotel in New York.

Stefan Arzberger, 42, the lead violinist for the acclaimed Leipzig String Quartet, was caught walking around the hotel "completely naked" on Friday morning.

According to the Daily Mail, he had knocked on the door of the room of a 64-year-old tourist from North Carolina, and allegedly choked her so hard the blood vessels in her eyes ruptured.

A source said: "He stuck his arm out, and she tried to slam the door shut, but he stuck his arm in between the door and the door jamb.

"He barged inside and grabbed her around the neck with both hands and started strangling her."

The NY post reports that a source said Arzberger had his drink spiked, and is actually a victim too in the unfortunate incident.

Lawyer Nicholas Kaizer told the NY Post: "He's an upstanding member of society without a criminal record who has devoted his life to the arts.

"He has no record anywhere, and we hope at the end of the journey, he has no record here."

Arzberger has been charged with strangulation and burglary, and was released on Saturday after a bondsman posted a $100,000 bail.

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