Beautiful but dangerous jellyfish pictured in Scotland

Stunning creatures can leave a nasty sting

Beautiful but dangerous jellyfish pictured in Scotland

A diver has taken amazing pictures of colourful jellyfish pulsating in Scottish waters – but these beautiful creatures have a definite sting in the tail.

The purple and orange organisms have delicate tendrils which can land their victims in hospital.

The Outliers, a string of islands 50 miles off the Scottish coast, are home to dozens of the picturesque but dangerous jellyfish.

Experienced diver Matt Doggett, 36, from Southampton, dove into the sea teeming with the glowing creatures.

One gorgeous jellyfish, a mauve stinger native to warm waters, is a rare visitor to the UK.

But they can be driven to the western coast of the British Isles as a result of global warming.

Beautiful but dangerous jellyfish pictured in Scotland

The colourful jellies with four metre-long tentacles are dangerous for unprotected divers and can leave a painful sting to those who cross its path.

Luckily for Matt, he was protected by drysuits, hoods and gloves.

He said: "Despite all the dive gear, you still have to be careful not to get a stinging tentacle in the face so you do approach them with care.

"Some tentacles can be several metres long and could sting you before you see the jellyfish.

"So we always took care to look around carefully and point them out to each other.

"It was interesting to see young fish taking shelter in the tentacles of the lion's mane and mauve stinger jellies, which they use to stay safe from predators."

Beautiful but dangerous jellyfish pictured in Scotland

One of the highlights was spotting the moon jellyfish - although these are not harmful to humans.

Matt said: "The million moon jellies in Loch Duich were incredible and we returned the following day to photograph them and swim amongst them.

"As they do not sting it was a very relaxing, calming and enjoyable dive.

"Jellyfish are beautiful creatures both in colour and form and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to take time to show them looking at their finest."

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