UK weather: Easter to be a windy washout and snow to hit Britain

Strong gusts of 55mph, showers, sleet and snow expected

Stormy Weather To Hit The UK

Easter is set to be a washout as the Met Office has predicted heavy rain, winds of up to 55mph and even snow.

Nicola Willis at The Met Office told ITV News: "The next few days are going to be windy throughout the UK. We have a band of heavy rain moving in from Wales and the South West and moving across England.

"We are expecting quite windy, breezy conditions. There will be a few showers turning wintry on Sunday but it is more likely overnight into Monday."

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Ms Willis said the rain will "affect all areas of Britain at some points" on Monday and there will be a steady breeze of around 20mph across the country, with stronger gusts of up to 55mph in the north.

The breeze will continue on Tuesday and Wednesday, bringing showers which could turn to sleet or snow in areas including Cumbria, the Downs and the Pennines.

For this weekend, Meteorologist Chris Burton at The Weather Network tells AOL Travel: "It will remain chilly in northern Scotland where there is likely to be some snow over the high ground.

New Years Day Weather

"Next week looks rather cool and showery, although south-western areas could well remain largely dry.

"Early signs for the Easter weekend suggest the start of the weekend will be cool and showery with the best chance of some dry and fine weather later in the Easter weekend."

Meanwhile, meteorologist Leon Brown at The Weather Channel says: "The jet stream will begin to move north again later next week and pressure will increase from the west.

"It will be drier but colder from the north next Tuesday and Wednesday, although showers for the north west."

For Easter, Mr Brown says: "Good Friday is likely to be cloudy and wet and then colder with northerly winds and showers on Saturday.

"Pressure will build from the west for Sunday and Monday with drier weather and more sunshine.

"Easter Monday could be fine and the best day of the Easter period after a chilly start and early frost with light winds."

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