Kell Brook reveals he feared for his life after Tenerife attack

Boxer was stabbed three times in his leg and once in his arm last September

Boxing - Kell Brook and Carl Froch Media Work Out - English Institute of Sport

Boxer Kell Brook has revealed he was left fearing for his life after he was stabbed in Tenerife last September.

The world welterweight boxing champion was left with three stab wounds in his leg and one in his arm and had to have life-saving surgery, the Mirror reports.

Brook says there was a time when he was scared he may never walk again.

Just after the attack he told Sportsmail that his wounds looked like he'd "been attacked by a big shark".

He has said he was talking with a fan in their apartment after a night out when suddenly he became the victim of a vicious attack.

"Without warning I was getting hit with a machete by this guy to my leg", he told Sport magazine.

Just moments later he was trying to scramble to his feet when he realised his legs weren't working.

He says: "There was so much blood spurting out it was a tile floor. I lost my balance and fell."

During the attack last year, Brook almost bled to death and had to undergo several blood transfusions during surgery, the Independent reports.

"I remember scrambling about, trying to get out. I was just thinking: 'I need to get out.' I could see death."

Brook told the Independent: "All I remember is thinking about my daughter and that I needed to get away from this; there was so much blood, I was covered in it."

Although authorities are aware of the identity of Brook's attacker, they have not caught the suspect yet, it is believed he fled the country after the incident.

The 28-year-old will fight Jo Jo Dan to defend his IBF welterweight title this weekend in Sheffield.

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