Controlled explosion of WWII bomb in Kent (video)

Bomb was found at construction site in Bermondsey on Monday


The ground shook in Kent yesterday (Wednesday) as a World War II bomb was detonated in a controlled explosion.

The bomb was found in Bermondsey, south London on Monday by builders at a construction site.

The device was taken to the Isle of Grain in Kent on Tuesday night to be dealt with in a controlled environment where no one could be hurt, the Evening Standard reports.

Weighing in at 1,000lb, the bomb could have caused major damage if it had exploded in without proper supervision. Bomb disposal experts from the army, with experience dealing with explosives in Afghanistan and Northern Ireland, were called in to remove the bomb from its resting place on Tuesday evening.

The bomb is thought to have been a Luftwaffe Sprengbombe-Cylindrisch from the Second World War.

Residents of Cliffe on the Hoo Peninsula in North Kent were warned by local police that a loud bang was to be expected when the army experts exploded the device in a quarry, London SE1 reports.

Video footage of the blast shows large plumes of grey smoke surging into the air as the bomb exploded.

Council workers evacuated hundreds of locals and requested the army's help in finding emergency accommodation for residents while the operation took place.

John Lester, a senior ammunition expert, was in charge of disposing of the bomb and said that it was "a live munition in a dangerous condition", the Guardian reports.

Lester added: "We knew we had to get it away to dispose of it safely because trying to deal on-site with a bomb that size, even under a controlled explosion, would cause significant damage to buildings, and the risk of major loss of life in such a highly populated part of the city was very high."

There was another bomb scare in London in October last year when a taxi was left outside the capital's famous Gherkin building.

The area was cordoned off as police conducted a controlled explosion, smashing a window in a local pub as well, the Telegraph reported.

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