Scottish voted Britain's friendliest people, but who are the grumpiest?

Scots have been voted the most 'agreeable' people in the UK

File photo dated 24/02/13 of Scottish rugby fans as a study of more than 400,000 Britons has found wide personality difference between regions - with Scots proving the friendliest, Welsh the shyest and Londoners the least welcoming. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Wednesday March 25, 2015. Researchers from the University of Cambridge looked at data gathered online about five traits - extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability and openness - to assess the personality of residents in different parts of the country. Dr Jason Rentfrow, from the university's Department of Psychology, said the findings were more than

The Scots have been voted the most 'agreeable' in Britain, a new survey shows.

An online survey revealed the significant personality differences that can be seen between people of different regions of the UK.

The research, conducted by Cambridge University, suggests that those in the North of England and Scotland were found to be more agreeable and cooperative than their southern counterparts, the Telegraph reports.

Residents of big cities like London and Manchester were deemed to be the most energetic and social traits which come under the overall heading of 'extraversion'.

What may not surprise most people is that Londoners were found to be uncooperative, irritable and the least welcoming, having said that, the residents of the capital were also judged to be the most opened minded and ready to try new things.

The prize for shiest and most introverted was awarded to the Welsh and also parts of the Midlands.

Historic cities, Oxford and Cambridge, along with London, Brighton Manchester, Bristol and Glasgow were commended for their openness, the Metro reports.

The study was conducted as part of the Big Personality Test which surveyed 400,000 Brits.

The conditions of the test asked participants to judge their own openness, extraversion and emotional stability, the Telegraph reports.

Dr Jason Rentfrew, from Cambridge University's psychology department, said: "Understanding how personality traits differ by region is more than just a bit of fun. Geographical differences are associated with a range of economic, social and health outcomes – and hence how important resources are allocated."

He added: "The demographic characteristics are representative of the British population, so we can develop an accurate snapshot of the psychology of the nation."

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