Can you see the man in this bridge? Why this creepy picture's gone viral

Image shows man watching photographers from bridge


Can you see the creepy man in this bridge? Why this picture's gone viral

A beautiful image of the 4th Street bridge in Los Angeles has more to it than it first seems.

If you look really closely, you can see a man watching the photographers from the bridge. Can you see it yet? He is lurking right up in the arches.

Reddit user youeatmyboogers, real name Seth Peebler, uploaded the picture to his account, writing: "Took a picture of the 4th street bridge. Had no idea my friend and I were being watched for the 20 minutes we were under the bridge."

He also posted the picture on his Instagram page:

More 4th St. #dtla

A photo posted by Seth Peebler (@sdpeebler) on

Still can't see him? We had trouble spotting him too, so we've kindly zoomed in on the ghoststalker apparitiontroll man for you. But apologies because you probably now won't be able to get any sleep tonight.

Can you see the creepy man in this bridge? Why this picture's gone viral

One Reddit user wrote: "Sent a shiver up my spine", while another said: "How the f*** did he get up there? And where did he get those dope shades?"

Another user said: "Looked at this photo for two minutes before seeing him and it's creepy as hell", while one kind soul wrote: "Well he just wanted to be friends too!"

Name that bridge!

Name that bridge!

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