Angry crowd stops rescue team from saving abused elephant

300-strong mob prevent rescue of sad elephant in India

Angry crowd stops rescue team from saving abused performing elephant

An angry mob of 300 people joined together to stop a animal rescue team from saving an ill-treated performing elephant in India.

Wildlife SOS has been trying to save Mohan, a 56-year-old Indian elephant, who is shackled and forced to beg in the streets, despite the fact that he is malnourished and injured.

The charity believes the elephant's owners may have rallied the group to prevent them from taking the elephant.

Angry crowd stops rescue team from saving abused performing elephant

Police warned the team to abort the rescue bid over fears for their safety.

Wildlife SOS said on Facebook: "We went deep into Lalganj accompanied by a 30 strong battalion of police, 15 forest officers and 10 Wildlife SOS team members, making the Mohan Rescue Team 55 members strong.

"We felt we were well prepared and ready to face adversity. Upon reaching Mohan our two veterinarians quickly sedated him so we could gently guide him into the elephant rescue vehicle. Unfortunately, as darkness fell, we were quickly surrounded by a mob of over 300 people who refused to let us move Mohan.

"The situation rapidly deteriorated from bad to worse and from murky to downright dangerous. After a couple of our team members were nearly roughed up, it became clear that we needed to back off... Both for the safety of our team, and that of Mohan.

"The police and the district administration advised us to move out and come back in a day or two with reinforcements. We are disappointed but we will not give up on Mohan.

"Please know that we will not give up on Mohan. We will go back for him. One way or another we will bring him to safety. Thank you for all of your prayers and your support. It helps to know that so many people across the world are in this fight with us."

Angry crowd stops rescue team from saving abused performing elephant

And another update on the situation said: "There was a court hearing scheduled for today that we hoped would be in favour of Mohan. Regretfully there was a lawyer strike in the court and the hearing had to be postponed. We are disheartened but we will roll with the punches and will not stop trying until Mohan is safe with us.

"We have deployed a team who will remain in the vicinity to keep an eye on Mohan's safety. To keep the team members safe, we will not post their details.

Angry crowd stops rescue team from saving abused performing elephant

"Thank you for standing by our side. We will keep you posted about the court date as soon as we have the details with us. Our legal team will be working on this case and get documents ready for presentation in court.

"Thank you again for your wonderful support and patience. Please continue to pray for Mohan. In the meantime could you share the Mohan petition with all of your friends."

And there are also updates on Twitter:

Again, you can help Mohan by signing the petition to free him at

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