'Dancing' squid appears to come back to life in restaurant (video)

Is this the creepiest meal ever?

'Dancing' squid appears to come back to life in restaurant (video)

An entirely creepy video of a 'dancing' cuttlefish dish - in which the meal appears to come back to life - has gone viral for a second time.

The video first hit the internet back in 2010, but a Vine created by SciencePorn has seen it go viral again.

The dish is served at a restaurant in Japan, and is called Odori don, which literally means dancing rice squid bowl.

According to the NZ Herald, chefs at Ikkatei Tabiji, in Hakodate, first remove the head of the squid, before serving the body with tentacles in tact on a bowl of sushi rice.

Soy sauce is then poured over it, and the high salt content in the sauce reacts with ions on the cells of the squids' tentacles, making it move.

CBS News explains further: "Because the squid is served fresh, the cells inside are still active and when the sodium is applied, the signals across the nerve cell membranes are temporarily reactivated causing the squid to 'dance.'"

The body is then reportedly removed and served as a side accompaniment.

Erm, we don't know about you, but we're not that hungry anymore...

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