Great white shark steals fisherman's catch (video)

Young shark leaps out of water in Bay of Islands, New Zealand


A fisherman thought he had caught a huge fish when he struggled to reel in his latest catch, but got the shock of a lifetime when it was snapped up by a great white shark.

The guide from Captain Bucko's Fishing charters was filmed pulling up the fish to the surface in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, and was heard saying: "What do we got? Lift him up!"

Seconds later the shark jumped out of the water to steal the fish and the fisherman let out an "Ohhhh nooo!"

He added: "I thought he was coming in [the boat]."

The unnamed guide uploaded the video to Captain Bucko's Fishing charters' Facebook page and wrote: "Well guys on closer inspection I now know that this is a Great White Shark !!!! The first I have seen in the bay of islands."

Speaking to The Huffington Post, George Burgess, director of the Florida Program for Shark Research, identified the predator as a young great white shark.

"Young whites are primarily fish eaters so no surprises here," he said. "Would have loved to have a heart monitor on that angler!"

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