Buffy actor arrested after 'trashing another hotel room'

Nicholas Brendon arrested for third time in five months


Buffy the Vampire star Nicholas Brendon has been arrested after an incident at a hotel in Florida where he allegedly caused damage to a room and soiled his pyjamas.

The 43-year-old actor was in Tallahassee to appear at a sci-fi convention when he reportedly demanded a hotel upgrade for being a "TV star".

According to the Daily Mail, police were called to Hotel Duval as Brendon wanted to report his phone and wallet stolen.

When they arrived, officers were told by the hotel manager that their "celebrity guest" had "taken pills and alcohol" and "was walking around the hotel with blood on him and his clothes torn and wet".

TMZ reports that his wallet was later found on a dressing table in his room.

The police officer said: "While in Mr. Brendon's presence I observed him with toothpaste all over his face and shirt, his pants were torn, he had defecated on himself and the pyjama pants were wet below the knees."

Brendon was arrested in February for a similar incident at a hotel, causing $450 worth of damage to his room and refusing to pay a $380 bill for food and drinks.

And back in October, he was arrested at a hotel in Idaho after a disturbance with staff in the lobby.

Outrageous celebrity hotel demands

Outrageous celebrity hotel demands

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