South West Trains apologises after 'fat-shaming' passengers

"We are going to be like sardines on this train, so can I ask that only slim people sit on the three seaters"

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Train passengers were left outraged after a station announcer said fat people should stand up.

On a packed train leaving Basingstoke, a South West Trains staff member reportedly said: "We are going to be like sardines on this train, so can I ask that only slim people sit on the three seaters.

"If you are fat then it is simply not going to work."

According to the Daily Telegraph, one angry commuter said: "I am not necessarily a big person, but most people are larger than those seats anyway. It's pretty disgusting.

"I would get fired if I said that at my work."

The Daily Mail reports that South West Trains apologised for the "unacceptable" comment and said: "All passengers are welcome on board our trains and we would find it unacceptable if that comment had been made by one of our employees.

"We run some of the busiest trains in the country and we do appreciate that space on some of our trains is limited."

In December, a Tory MP said that train commuters should slim down if they want to sit on seats - after being squashed by a "large-bottomed" passenger.

Former health minister Anne Milton said overweight commuters shouldn't sit on narrow seats.

She blasted: "If you are going to sit on one of those seats for three people, you need to take up one third of the seat.

"If your bottom is bigger than a third then you need to reduce its size."

The Guildford MP, who was public health minister from 2010 to 2012, sent a series of tweets after experiencing an uncomfortable journey to work.

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