Skier hit by plane on slopes of French Alps resort

Tourist suffers 'near amputation' after being hit by plane propeller

Skier hit by plane on slopes of French Alps resort

A Polish skier has been seriously injured after being hit by a plane careering down the slopes of a French Alps resort.

The ski-equipped single-propeller Jodel plane had failed to take off from the high-altitude runway near the popular ski areas of Avoriaz.

According to, the plane had some kind of mechanical breakdown on take-off, and had to try to make an emergency landing.

The pilot could not stop the plane and it narrowly missed a group of children before passing under a chairlift and hitting the tourist, nearly severing her hand.

The 55-year-old woman suffered a "near amputation", according to emergency services.

According to the Guardian, local public prosecutor Patrick Steinmetz told AFP: "The plane suddenly appeared behind her and there was virtually no sound. She didn't hear it."

A firefighting source told EuroNews: "We came close to a disaster. The plane passed under the cable of a ski-lift, it avoided some fir trees then a group of children before arriving on a blue piste, popular with skiers including the victim."

The Daily Telegraph reports that Mr Steinmetz added: "The pilot was "a professional who is used to these kind of conditions on take-off."

The prosecutor's office is investigating the accident.

A host of media outlets posted pictures of the scene on Twitter.

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