Refunds for rail passengers if train delayed by two minutes

New scheme to see passengers receive automatic refunds for late trains

Refunds for rail passengers if train delayed by two minutes

Rail passengers delayed by two minutes or more could be given automatic refunds thanks to a new programme.

The scheme, being trialled on the C2C line in Essex, would force travel companies to pay out automatically for passengers using special travel smartcards, or after paying over the internet, on smartphone apps, or on conventional credit cards, reports the Gloucester Citizen.

The idea could be rolled out nationwide if it is successful.

According to ITV News, the refund amount a passenger receives will get higher the longer the train is delayed.

In the 'pay as you delay' scheme, it has been outlined that travellers would get an additional 3p per extra minute of delay up to 29 minutes.

For a 30 minute to 60 minute delay, passengers get 50 per cent of the value of their ticket, and an hour left waiting would mean a full refund.

Other networks next in line for the scheme are Northern, TransPennine, West Coast, Midland Mainline and CrossCountry.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin, said: "If people are delayed, they should be repaid. I want to end the frustration endured by millions when they are delayed – and then have to jump through hoops to claim compensation. I've experienced it myself."

A Whitehall source also told the paper: "The new initiative ... is expected to provide a longer term way forward to enable full automation of the compensation process where smart ticketing is in use."

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