Man finds 7ft snake in his cereal box (video)

Australian finds two-metre python in his box of cornflakes

Man find 7ft snake in his cereal box (video)

A man got the shock of his life when he found a 7ft python completely squeezed into a box of cornflakes in his kitchen.

Jared Smith, 22, was preparing lunch when he found the large diamond python coiled up in the box on the counter.

Mr Smith, who lives in an area of Sydney's northern beaches, told the Australian Daily Telegraph: "It was super weird," adding: "I peaked in the box, saw its head pop out and that's when I dropped my food on the counter and bolted for the door."

Jared, who was at home with his dad at the time, called the NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES).

WIRES member Chris McGreal removed the snake and returned it to bushland.

According to the Standard, he said: "The python was over two metres long and I couldn't ­believe it was jammed into this small cereal box.

"When I got there I ­actually had to tear the box to get it out, that's how tightly squeezed in it was.

"It's likely it was hiding in there to feel secure."

Man finds 7ft snake in his cereal box (video)

The Independent reports that diamond pythons are non-venomous and are one of the more commonly found snakes in New South Wales.

They rarely pose a threat to humans, but will bite if they feel threatened.

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