Two men filmed 'train surfing' in New Zealand (video)

High-speed 'train surfers' could have died


Two men filmed 'train surfing' in New Zealand (video)

A motorist has filmed the moment he spotted two men 'surfing' on the back of a high speed train in New Zealand.

The men can be seen precariously clinging to the back of the commuter train as the car passenger films the scene from the road.

They were filmed by Alexey Zhavoronkov near Manor Park station in Upper Hutt, Wellington, going at around 90kph (56mph). The train was stopped two stations later but the men had already disembarked.

Police are now asking for anyone who might recognise the men or knows who they are to come forward.

Speaking to, Alexey said: "My wife, who was driving, saw them and said 'look at them, they're crazy'."

"We're originally from Russia and this kind of madness is more like normal there ... it was a shock to see people here doing it. It's really dangerous ... it was scary."

KiwiRail general manager of Metro David Shepherd condemned the actions of the men, telling the NZ Herald: "Trespassing on the rail corridor is a huge problem and people who do this, whether it's being on the rail corridor or riding on the back of a train, run the risk of not only killing themselves but also traumatising the people who then have to deal with the consequences of their actions.

"There is no doubt in my mind that those two young men could have been killed or very seriously injured with long lasting consequences for their families, emergency services and Tranz Metro staff.

"We will be doing everything we can to help police identify these two young men and strongly urge anybody considering trespassing on the rail corridor to think about the value of their life and how their families will feel if they are killed or injured."

TrackSAFE NZ Manager Megan Drayton said: "People need to realise that the rail corridor is dangerous and the outcome of being struck by a train is usually fatal," she said.

"The only legal place to cross a track is at a level crossing. Trespassers run the risk of a criminal conviction including the prospect a large fine. People need to seriously consider whether it is really worth it."

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