Cornwall beach hut bought for £10 goes on sale for £80,000

Hut being sold after nearly 100 years in the same family

Beach hut in Cornwall bought for £10 goes on sale for £80,000

A beach hut in Cornwall is being sold for £80,000 - nearly 100 years after it was bought for a tenner.

The old horse-drawn hut, called Roskear, sits by the seaside in sand dunes near Hayle, overlooking St Ives bay.

The 12ft by 10ft hut was bought in 1924 by John Truan, who bought the hut on the same day his daughter, Audrey Chivers, was born, and later gave it to her as wedding gift.

The hut can sleep up to eight people, has two bedrooms, a living room and an outside loo.

Audrey loved the hut and spent 30 years visiting with her family, before her husband died and she got too ill to make the journey on her own.

Family friend John Prela then used to help Audrey visit, by driving her there. She later left it to him as a gift to say thank you.

According to BT News, John Prela, 62, said "John Truan worked for Camborne Railway Station then he was transferred up to Reading but they would come down several times a year.

"For about 30 years Audrey and her husband would come down in April and stay till September.

"All the chalets were requisitioned during the war. Tommy Steele stayed there during the war, apparently he didn't want to go back to London.

"You would get officers and evacuees staying in the huts. This one wasn't requisitioned, because it was considered too small.

"After her husband passed away she fell ill and couldn't make the journey alone, so I would go up to Reading to bring her down.

"She used to say she loved her hut. As a thank you she left me the chalet, because that meant she was able to come down for another six or seven years."

The chalet is being sold by Cornwall-based holiday home specialists Driftwood Properties. Speaking to the MailOnline Travel, Ben Downton, of Driftwood Properties, said: "It has got to be the most original property on the park.

"I think there is massive potential to extend the property, on that park this is happening all the time.

"We would expect the new owner to want to develop and modify the hut, but it would be nice if some of the history and core features of the property can remain."

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