UK to be hotter than the Mediterranean this weekend at 17C

Britain set for warmest weekend of the year so far

UK to be hotter than the Mediterranean this weekend at 17C

It will feel like spring has finally arrived this weekend as UK temperatures could soar to 17C.

According to the Mirror, Britain will be hotter than many parts of the Mediterranean, with Athens predicted to see 14C an Istanbul 10C.

And the Standard reports that the weekend is likely to also be the warmest of the year so far.

So why are we heating up? The Met Office told the paper: "It's all to do with the type of air mass. A tropical maritime air mass will make it feel warmer. This air mass originates from the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean between the Azores and Bermuda.

"This is a mild air stream and during the winter months it can raise the air temperature several degrees above the average."

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And Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel, told Aol Travel: "A nice tongue of warmth will be brought over the UK from the south west later on Friday and on Saturday. At the same time on Saturday much of England and Wales will enjoy plenty of sunshine too so feeling very spring-like.

"It will be cooler though around western and southern coasts in the south west breezes. The highest temperatures will be East and North East Wales to Cheshire where temperatures could reach 16C. Also in Yorkshire in the shelter of the Pennines temperatures may reach 16C with 14C to 15C widely across the eastern Midlands to East Anglia.

"At a push 17C is a possibility as an absolute maximum temperature.

"It will be very mild too in North East Scotland with temperatures as high as 14C to the east of Inverness towards Elgin and Banff in the south west flow coming over the Cairngorms. However, North West Scotland will be cloudy with outbreaks of rain and a strong south west wind."

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The warm weather, however, won't last too long. Leon adds: "Make the most of Saturday since a cold front will move southwards on Sunday, and the north will become a lot colder again with wintry showers over North and West Scotland.

"Rain on the cold front will also move down over Northern England and Wales a little more quickly than previous forecasts, reaching the Midlands by the afternoon.

"South East England though should still have a dry and bright day on Sunday with temperatures a mild 13 to locally 14C.

"Next week now looks more changeable again, although most precipitation over the north with snow on hills. Temperatures will be near average next week.

"Monday will start bright and chilly with a touch of frost from the Midlands northwards. Light rain spreading to the west later on Monday, while over the north some heavier rain with hill snow looks likely over Scotland. Becoming quite windy too over Scotland with gales around coasts and over the mountains."

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