Woman steals thief's scooter after he snatches her bag (video)

Victim turns the tables on mugger in Malaysia

Woman escapes on thief's scooter after he steals her bag

A Malaysian mugger got a taste of his own medicine - when a woman he targeted rode off on his scooter after he snatched her handbag.

The woman can be seen turning into an alleyway, and the mugger follows behind her on his scooter.

He then jumps off his bike, and snatches the woman's bag out of her hands before running out of sight.

The woman then seizes the moment to jump on the man's scooter and ride off on it as fast as possible, with the incredulous thief being left behind presumably out of pocket.

The Daily Mail reports that the video was uploaded to Facebook, and a number of users applauded the woman's actions.

One wrote: "Knowing that Malaysians don't usually carry a lot of cash, she wins!"

Another said: "It motivates me to learn how to ride a motorcycle."

While one quipped: "Justice on the spot."

According to the Malay Mail Online, snatch thefts in the country increased by 23.4 per cent in the first five months of 2014, leading to more police personnel being deployed at hotspots to curb thefts.

Crime Prevention Department director Datuk Ayub Yaakob said: "Urban centres in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur are the focus of snatchers. We will have to place more personnel at hotspots to curb snatch thefts and ensure public safety."

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