British backpacker's love note for handsome stranger in New Zealand goes viral

Scottish tourist gets a date after leaving love note at beach

British backpacker has date with handsome stranger after leaving love note at the beach

A British backpacker has become an online hit after leaving a love note for a hunky man she spotted at a beach in New Zealand.

Sarah Milne, from Glasgow, Scotland, spotted a handsome man running past her with no top on at the beach in Picton.

She left a large note and picture of her love interest in a public place on Friday, asking for him to meet her back there on Tuesday.

According to the Metro, part of it read: "Is this you? I was sitting on the grass on Friday watching the sea, you were playing with your dog.

"On the off chance you are single, remember who I am and would like to meet for a drink/coffee/walk, I'll be sitting on the grass watching the sea from 1 to 1.30pm onwards on Tuesday...Maybe you'll run past again!?!"

The note went viral on social media:

And, according to the Daily Mail, friends of William Scott Chalmers realised the note was about him.

He said his flatmate came home at 3am in the morning and told him about it: "He was carrying on and telling me about a poster that two German girls had told him about that described me.

"He knew it was me because I'm the only guy in Picton who has star tattoos, Johnny-Bravo hair and a labradoodle."

Will told the Daily Mail Australia: "Of course I'm going down. But just going up to her and asking to chat is a bit out of the question with all the attention, so I'm just going to have to skip a step and ask if she wants to have dinner tonight.

"I finish work at 2pm and I'll see if she wants to have dinner or a drink at maybe seven.

"I'm not sure if the poor girl knows what she's gotten herself into. It's just gotten so big, I've gotten messages from friends overseas saying that they've read the story."

And Will did meet her in front of a cheering crowd, turning up with a bottle of Champagne.

And, apparently, the date went very well indeed. The couple went to DA's Barn Restaurant & Bar, who uploaded some pics of them to their Facebook page.

Speaking to the NZ Herald, Chalmers said the date was "amazing".

He added: "We had a bottle of sauv blanc and sparkling pinot gris. We had a great night. Now we're grabbing a box of cheap beers... and we're going to have a party.

"I told her, 'If you want to stay here for a week you can', and she said yes."

"She's full of life ... there was no awkwardness at all."

Aww. We love a happy ending.

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