Family kicked off flight after toddler refuses to wear seatbelt

Three-year-old causes heated argument on Cathay Pacific flight (video)

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A family was removed from a Cathay Pacific flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong after their toddler refused to put on his seatbelt.

Flight CX654 was delayed as the three-year-old boy refused the safety measure and caused a heated argument between his parents and cabin crew, South China Morning Post reports.

After flight attendants asked the family to follow safety instructions, the family argued that the boy should sit on his mother's lap instead.

A fellow passenger named as Lau took a video of the incident, which shows an irritated passenger calling for cabin crew to "call police".

The female traveller is heard saying to the family: "We are customers too. Why are you allowed to harass the whole flight?"

The toddler's father said they would not be "bullied".

After holding up the flight for around 30 minutes, the family were forced to leave the plane.

Apple Daily posted a video of the incident, including animated footage of what happened.

On its website, Cathay Pacific states a "zero tolerance" policy against passengers who willfully obstruct aircraft crew's performance of their duties.

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