Ryanair hostess 'hits ceiling' while another 'breaks ankle' in turbulence over Pyrenees

Flight diverted to Bordeaux after 'violent' turbulence



Two flight attendants have been injured after a Ryanair flight hit severe turbulence over the Pyrenees.

The flight was travelling from Barcelona-Reus, Spain, to Brussels-Charleroi, Belgium, but had to divert to Bordeaux airport following the incident.

According to Connexion France, the plane was affected by "violent turbulence" after hitting a large pocket of dead air while flying over the Pyrenees.

The site reports that one stewardess suffered a broken ankle after being hit by a food trolley, and another hurt her back after being propelled to the ceiling.

They were both taken to the Pellegrin hospital in Bordeaux. None of the 165 passengers on board were injured.

Speaking to MailOnline Travel, a Ryanair spokesman said: "This flight from Reus to Brussels Charleroi diverted to Bordeaux after experiencing some air turbulence.

"The aircraft landed normally and medical personnel treated two cabin crew members who had minor injuries."

The spokesperson added that a spare aircraft and replacement crew were sent in from Barcelona to minimise the delay for customers, and apologies were made for the diversion and delay.

There have been extreme weather alerts in the Pyrenees. Flood alerts remain in some departments, although an orange avalanche alert from earlier this week has been eased.

The news comes as it was reported a female ski resort worker was killed in an horrific accident that saw her sucked into a snow-clearing machine in the Pyrenees town of Les Angles.

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