Stop bell on bus breaks, driver gets creative

Bus driver tells passengers to shout "ding ding" after stop bell breaks

Stop bell on bus breaks, driver gets creative

A bus driver had to improvise when the bell system on his vehicle became faulty - and asked his passengers to shout "ding ding" when they wanted to get off.

Never mind calling out a maintenance team, when the button you press that rings the bell to signal to the driver you want to get off at the next stop broke down, a bit of creative thinking got everybody out of a scrape.

According to the Metro, a local in Barnsley posted a picture on Twitter of the note the bus driver had left asking passengers to become human bells. It read: "Bells not working. If you want bus to stop, shout ding ding."

As the Independent points out, this might work in the South Yorkshire town, but likely wouldn't go down too well in a London rush hour, where commuters are stressing to get to work on time.

Manda Hope Appleby's tweet has been a hit with Twitter users though, being retweeted over a thousand times.

Hopefully passengers were a little less forgiving than one man in China who waged angry revenge on a driver who missed his stop - by throwing a grenade at him.

The incident occurred back in January, when the angry pensioner tried to blow himself and a bus driver up after the vehicle halted a few metres passed his stop.

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