Bus passenger suing after suffering punctured lung when driver slammed on brakes

Man also suffered broken ribs after being thrown to the floor

Bus passenger suing after suffering punctured lung when driver slammed on brakes

A man is suing a bus company after suffering a punctured lung and several broken ribs when a driver slammed on the brakes abruptly. David Lloyd, 66, was travelling on the 825 Arriva bus between Stafford and Rugeley on 20 August last year when he said the driver suddenly stopped and he was thrown violently to the ground.

Speaking to the Express and Star, David said: "I felt myself thrown with great force on to the metal floor.

"I'd just taken my mobile phone out of my pocket when the driver hit the brakes very hard and, sitting in the front seat, I had nothing to hold on to, to stop myself from falling.

"I've never been in so much pain in my life. I didn't know where I was."

Mr Lloyd declined the bus driver's offer of calling an ambulance, saying he did not realise at the time how injured he was.

But a few days later he went to Stafford Hospital's A&E and was told his lung was punctured as well as being partially collapsed.

His consultant has written a letter in support of David's claim, calling his injuries "potentially life-threatening and of a serious nature".

A spokesman for the bus company said: "Arriva Midlands would not wish to make any further statement regarding this matter which is still ongoing between our insurance company and Mr Lloyd."

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