Huge whale rams tiny boat head on (video)

Sperm whale terrifies - and delights - boat passengers in Chile

Huge whale rams tiny boat head on (video)

Whales are generally known to be very peaceful, serene creatures majestically gliding through the world's oceans.

But one enormous sperm whale in Chile decided to play a cheeky trick on a group of fishermen in a relatively small boat - by ramming into it head on.

A video of the incident has been uploaded to YouTube, and shows two of the animals approaching the boat off the coast of Lebu, central Chile, last month.

According to the NY Daily News, the animals disappear below the water before one of them emerges and then heads straight towards the boat, knocking into it.

The fishermen actually appear to be delighted with the amazing experience, but laugh nervously as the whale gets nearer and nearer, and there's a few loud gasps as it raises the boat a little and leaves it rocking.

The whale then dives back under the waves, leaving the fishermen with a stunning shot of its beautiful tail - and a slightly increased heartbeat.

The Metro reports that the video was posted by Catalina Sandoval on 17 February.

YouTube users were loving the video, with one suggesting that Catalina's dad was the cameraman, writing: "Unique experience, and your dad recorded well at the right time."

Another said: "Congratulations and thank you very much for sharing this beautiful and good video of these whales frolicking with the boat."

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