Epic crab vs octopus battle caught on camera

Octopus launches surprise attack on unsuspecting crab


This octopus wasn't going to let a little thing like land get in the way of its dinner.

Beachgoer Porsche Indrise captured this footage of an octopus launching itself out of the water and grabbing a crab before sliding back underwater to enjoy its meal.

The footage was shot in Yallingup, Western Australia.

Porsche was filming the unsuspecting crab edging towards a rockpool when a swift moving octopus suddenly springs from the shallow water and wraps itself around the crab.

Porsche is naturally shocked by what she just witnessed.

'There's an octopus eating a crab!' she yells as the tentacled sea creature shoots out of the water and tries to swallow the crustacean whole.

'I didn't know why I chose to film this crab, but thought I would try and get closer to it but something else beat me to it,' Ms Indrisie later wrote under her video which she uploaded on YouTube.

And we thought octopuses were confined to water...

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