Wanted: New chauffeur for the Queen

Driver to receive up to £24,000, free meals and living quarters

The Royal Family Is Hiring a Chauffeur, and Anyone Can Apply

The Royal Household is looking for a new driver for the Queen.

An online advert for the chauffeur role says that the Royal Family is looking for someone who is "motivated", good with timekeeping and route planning skills, while able to remain "calm under pressure".

According to ITV News, the role, based at Buckingham Palace, comes with a salary of up to £24,000, free meals and living quarters.

The successful applicant will also receive 33 days of holiday.

The online advert on the Royal Family's website says: "As chauffeur you will work as part of a busy and supportive team tasked with driving members of the Royal Family, Household officials, guests and official visitors.

"With the opportunity to develop your skills, you will play an integral part in the smooth daily running of the Royal Household."

The Evening Standard reports that the role was described as taking place in a "unique and stimulating work environment".

In 2011, the Royal Family was on the lookout for a new head of travel to help cut the cost of royal trips.

The position offered a salary of up to £75,000 to track down the cheapest and greenest flights and manage trips on the royal train, helicopter and scheduled trains.

With the Royal Family making around 3,000 official trips in the UK and abroad each year, they wanted someone who could cut costs and CO2 emissions without compromising on safety, quality or security.

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