Cow gets bike stuck on its head. Really

Animal spotted in the New Forest with its head trapped in a bicycle

Cow gets bike stuck on its head. Really

Moo looking at me? A passerby spotted an unusual sight when he came across an unfortunate cow in the New Forest - with its head trapped in a bicycle.

According to the Standard and the Bournemouth Echo, the photograph of the cow was taken by local Johnny Weiler, who posted the image to his Twitter page, and also reassured users that it all turned out ok in the end.

He wrote: "Not an everyday sight :))) New Forest Cow. It ended well for her."

In another post, Weiler wrote: "Brockenhurst this morning - New Forest Cow n bike incident. She shook it off ok :))."

Back in June last year, a cow found itself in an unnerving position when it got stuck on a roof in the Swiss Alps.

Rolf Steiner was on a bike tour travelling through the Swiss Alps when he saw the cow wobbling precariously on the incredibly steep roof near the capital Bern.

The animal had been walking on a road behind the property when it decided that fresh fields and pastures new might well be available on the other side of the roof.

But instead of going round, it jumped from the road onto the roof and clambered up to the top, before slithering down the other side and stopping when it got near the guttering.

It then turned around and went back the way it had come.

Breathtaking British wildlife photographs

Breathtaking British wildlife photographs

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