Passengers' terror as train approaches bus blocking level crossing

Terrifying freight train and bus near-miss in Southampton


Passengers' terror as train approaches bus stuck on level crossing

The moment a group of passengers looked on as a freight train approached them while their bus blocked a level crossing was caught on camera.

The bus driver appeared to ignore warning sirens and danger lights at the crossing, where he was sat in traffic.

According to the Daily Telegraph, passengers on the 11 City Red bus in Southampton sat in fear as the freight train driver headed towards them, repeatedly sounding his horn.

But the bus driver did not move out of the way until the last minute, and the train driver stopped just a few yards from the bus.

A joint investigation by bosses at First UK Bus and the British Transport Police (BTP) has now resulted in the man being asked to attend a driver awareness course, held in partnership with the BTP and the AA.

However, it is believed the man no longer works as a driver for First UK Bus.

David Richards, AA DriveTech director, said its Level Crossing Awareness Scheme helps drivers understand the dangers and potential consequences of ignoring signals at level crossings.

Speaking to the Daily Echo, he said: "The ultimate goal of the course is to change the behaviour of the participating drivers so they do not take risks with their own lives, and the lives of others, at level crossings."

A spokesman for British Transport Police said: "I can confirm the man involved with the incident was offered a driver awareness course, which he accepted. That is the action we have taken against him."

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