Dog abandoned tied to railings at Eastbourne Railway Station

Forlorn dog left 'crying' by owner who drove off in taxi

Dog abandoned tied to railings at Eastbourne Railway Station

A dog has been heartlessly abandoned at a UK train station after its owner tied him to railings and left him with nothing but a takeaway tray of water.

The black Staffie-type dog was reportedly heard crying and whining after its owner tied him up before jumping in a taxi and callously driving away.

A member of public informed staff at Eastbourne Railway Station in East Sussex and local wardens came to collect the dog.

A spokesman for Eastbourne Borough Counciltold the Metro: "We were called on Wednesday afternoon with a report of a dog tied up and left for more than an hour at Eastbourne Station.

"We collected the dog which is now safe and well in kennels.

"We are trying to trace the pet's owner who we urge to contact us."

According to the Irish Independent, a Facebook user shared some photos of the sad-looking dog, saying: "Some a**hole had left this dog at Eastbourne Train Station at around 4.15pm then just left in a taxi.

"I stayed with him until he had been collected by the park ranger. He is having his chip checked and he was very under weight."

It is now hoped the dog will have a happy ending and find a loving new home, like the case of Kai the Sharpie, who was left abandoned at a train station in Scotland with a suitcase full of his belongings.

Dog Abandoned With Suitcase At Railway Station

Britain for dog-lovers

Britain for dog-lovers

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