Orphaned otter cub rescued by Scottish animal charity

Eight-week-old 'Dipper' found distressed and alone without her mother

Rescued baby otter, Scotland

The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) have rescued a sickly otter cub that was found alone in Methven, Perthshire in Scotland last week.

A walker came across the eight-week-old cub, who staff have named Dipper, and left her alone overnight to give the mother a chance to return, The Herald Scotland reported.

On discovering the little cub again the next morning, still alone and visibly distressed, the man took her to the SSPCA.

The National Wildlife Rescue Centre manager, Colin Seddon, said: "Dipper was too young to be out of her holt so it's amazing she survived a very cold night in the wild. She was extremely weak, but after fluid therapy we're delighted to say she is doing much better. She is now stronger, feeding well from her bottle and wants to play, which we would expect for a cub of her age."

The centre have said that Dipper will remain in their care until she is at least a year at which point they hope they will be successfully able to release her back into the wild.

Very cute photos of otters

Very cute photos of otters

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