Man caught using laptop, mobile phone and headphones while driving (video)

Cyclist captures footage on helmet cam in Aberdeen

Man caught using laptop, mobile phone and headphones while driving (video)

A motorist has been caught on camera not paying attention to the road while using his mobile phone, watching his laptop and wearing headphones.

A cyclist captured footage of the driver on his helmet cam along Queen's Road in Aberdeen on Thursday afternoon, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The cyclist spots that the man is using his mobile phone as he drives past, and when he catches up with him, sees that's not all he's using.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube under the name Aberdeen Cycle Cam, along with the caption: "This bloke is driving a 3 tonne Land Rover in town, looking at a mobile phone, laptop and wearing headphones on both ears.

"Not only is he not paying any attention to the road, I suspect he's not even on this planet."

The man drops his phone as the cyclist taps on his window to let him know he's been sprung, before driving off sheepishly.

Meanwhile, last week it was revealed that a new phone signal detector could help police crack down on drivers using phones at the wheel.

Norfolk County Council has joined forces with police and road safety group Think! to create the system, which took three months to build.

A flashing mobile phone sign will light up as a car drives past if a phone is being used for a call or to send a text.

It is currently designed as a deterrent rather than to catch offending drivers, but the system could be developed into a camera and fine system in the future.

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