Snow in Spain: British tourists rescued as cars get stuck

Temperatures of -17C in north part of the country

Spain Weather

Freezing conditions in Spain caused have been causing chaos, with cars becoming stuck in heavy snow for up to 17 hours.

Spanish emergency services have rescued at least 220 people trapped in the snow on roads in northern Spain.

Around 100 Britons had to be rescued and many had only just arrived on the ferry from Portsmouth.

According to the Mirror, rescue workers battled freezing temperatures of -17C as they tried to rescue the Britons trapped on roads between Cantabria and the province of Palencia.

Many of those trapped had come to Spain hoping to escape the miserable British weather. But instead of sunning themselves on a beach they were put up in the dining room of a local hotel and a school sports hall.

Abandoned cars and overturned lorries have piled up on main roads near Santander, reports the BBC.

Snow ploughs and military vehicles are being used to clear the area and there have been numerous power cuts.

Spanish authorities warn that the conditions in the country could get much worse in the next three days.

Cold weather alerts have been issued for 20 provinces.

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