British beauty queen plunged to death from Caribbean hotel

Shakara Taylor was 'struggling' after fiance postponed wedding

British beauty queen plunges to death from Caribbean hotel

An inquest has heard how a British beauty queen plunged to her death from an eight-storey hotel in the Caribbean after her fiance postponed their wedding.

Shakara Taylor was reportedly left 'distraught' after her partner David Ravenscroft put the brakes on their marriage plans.

The couple had made plans to marry on 6 July 2013 but, in March 2013, David told her they should "wait and see where were are six months time", reports the Daily Mail.

The couple were living on the Caribbean island of Grand Cayman at the time.

Just a few weeks later, Shakara dropped David off at a health club and promised to pick him up later.

When she failed to show and was not replying to text messages, David got a taxi home.

He later discovered she had plunged to her death from the roof of the Caribbean Club hotel on the seafront on the island.

According to the Mirror, speaking at an inquest held on the island, Mr Ravenscroft said of the wedding situation: "She seemed to be down in the dumps and struggling to deal with it."

He added that he did not know why she had been at the Caribbean Club as she had no friends staying there.

Post mortem test showed Ms Taylor died from serious injuries to her head and body sustained in the fall in May 2013.

A jury delivered an open verdict on the inquest after hearing she had records of clinical depression, OCD, an eating disorder and alcohol and drug abuse.

Shakara was a former gala queen and Morris dancer. According to The Sun, her best friend of 25 years, Daniella Clarke, said: "At least now Shakara can rest in peace.

"She had a few demons, but she is desperately missed by everyone who knew her."

A "heartbroken" Mr Ravenscroft only found out after her death that Shakara was bipolar and had twice attempted suicide before.

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